Harry Belafonte



The “King of Calypso” a multi-talented performer, Harry Belafonte has been a central figure in folk music preceding artists like Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary in the 50's and 60's

Belafonte’s career took off with the film Carmen Jones in the 50's and soon after he had several hits, like The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) and Jamaica Farewell straight out of his 1956 LP Calypso, the first million selling album by a single artist

in addition to his acting and singing career, Belafonte worked as a champion for many social and political causes.

Harry is the proud owner a full audio system we made enjoying our excellent sound quality


Wu-Tang Clan



“Getting some classic movies sampled for this next Wu album… trust me it sounds marvelous! @GoldNote_Italy” Wu-Tang Clan tweet

RZA was also said to be involved Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill project featuring as a solo artist on the soundtrack to Kill Bill: Volume 1 and selecting some other songs for the soundtrack

Wu-Tang Clan is the New York City Hip Hop group that reinvented Hip Hop, Rolling Stone even named Wu-Tang Clan as the best rap group ever

RZA, prominent figure in hip hop and de facto leader of the Wu-Tang, really appreciate the sound of our PH-7


Museo del Disco d'Epoca



With the purpose of maintaining and expanding the culture of the vinyl records, Gold Note is a Proud partner of Museo del Disco d’Epoca

Inside the gorgeous rooms of Palazzo della Cultura are exhibited the most important developments in Audio Devices, from the first phonograph wax cylinder to the last and futuristic improvement

As part of this tradition and to give to the market the excellence of audio quality, Gold Note learns from the glorious past to reach out to a brighter future

Located in Sogliano sul Rubicone, this Museum displays the evolution of sound recording through the last 130 years


Phono Press



Phono Press is one of the few top quality press factories in Europe and we are proud to be partners: sharing our knowledge we are always developing the best products on the market

We supplied Phono Press all the hardware needed to manufacture and monitor the high quality vinyl records production

Phono Press is a standalone facility: the complete manufacturing process happens in one place - lacquer masters, metalwork, pressing, printing and even packaging - to offer 100% quality control on products, with our help


Stefano Bonifazi



The idea and philosophy behind my designs revolve around evoking a sense of sensuality both for the eyes and the hands

i introduced soft and rounded elements designing first the prototype of the huge Bellagio Conquest turntable, that tracked the groove of Gold Note's new look, and then with Giglio and Mediterraneo

fundamental elements in any Gold Note's designs – being perfect technical-musical creations in the first place – are able to expose their functional beauty to excite all five senses, for instance: using thick, aged solid wood perfectly cut in soft curves and refined by the hands of Italian artisans

though design is a crucial element to achieve the best sound performance, it reminds of the sea waves in Tuscany and of the beauty of gentle green hills, a landscape everybody knows well

the sensual curves and the warmth of the Olive and Walnut real Tuscan aged wood of my designs is capable of reminding even of the female body archetype and shape

my designs are veiled, not exposed to vulgarity, enough is shown to light up imagination: a timid approach calling for more desire