“Gold Note of Florence/Italy are a full-service shop. From cartridges to tone arms to turntables, from CD transports to CD players to DACs to servers, from preamps to amps to cables to speakers, even racks… one could build an entire system from gold and never set foot outside the ancient city on the Arno river. It’s the capitol of picturesque Tuscany which since the 19th century enjoyed the designation of Italy’s Athens for its role in the cultural Renaissance. Thus the company slogan The Renaissance of Technology. Today isn’t about history though; unless their latest floorstander, the XT7 three-way, were about to make history. Like boats of course, speakers are more likely viewed as females so it’ll be her not his story. And so it all began; with a custom air-motion transformer shaking hands with a 15cm mid and dual 18cm woofers. All cones here are of the “ultra-hardened woven polypropylene” sort. Filter points sit at 280Hz and 3kHz. Four finishes cover high-gloss black and white cheeks; and Walnut and stained gray wood veneer.”

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