“For sonic purposes, I’ll first treat the CD-1000 as a €3’800 machine. That’s because in fixed-gain USB mode, analog volume/input had no say. That left €1’000 to pay for its disc drive function against the DAC-only $2’850 Resonessence Veritas. Like the Gold Note, that’s a fully balanced machine based on op-amp outputs but then runs for its engine oil the new ESS Tech 9028 Pro brand, successor to the 9018 of the $3’300 AURALiC Vega with its linear power supply and discrete outputs. My Veritas review established that it was more resolved, clear and quick than the Vega whose centre of gravity was set lower, hence warmer. Its overall demeanour was less immediate, of softer focus and with a slightly shiny texture. On matters of micro detail, the superior specs of the 9028 Pro translated exactly as propaganda had promised. In the end I’d called the sonic aesthetic of the Veritas in line with wide-bandwidth DC-coupled Swiss gear à la Goldmund and Soulution of which our COS Engineering D1 represents the next octave up from the Veritas.”

Read the full review here: http://6moons.com/audioreviews2/goldnote3/1.html

Please note: this review has been performed with the CD-1000 MKI model.