“Network players have become so popular that today every old-school manufacturer needs to have one. Within this still growing segment, manufacturers either tack on streaming modules to a DAC; or design a pure network player with D/A conversion like Lumin and Linn do. In most cases, this leads to a focus on either the transport or converter section. If an existing DAC bundles with an OEM streaming module, one often sees limited functionality, particularly browsing capabilities within iOS or Android apps. Pure network machines meanwhile can mean limited digital inputs and run-of-the-mill D/A conversion. These are just general guidelines that won’t apply across the board but still remind prospective buyers to investigate how good the OEM module and converter really are. Most such products today have UPnP capabilities whereby any UPnP control point can steer the player and the associated music library. Various freeware or very affordable apps cover the gamut from ultra sparse to sophisticated browser/player interfaces.”

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Please note: this review has been performed with the DS-1000 MKI model.