“The new 4 in 1: D/A converter, streamer, line preamplifier and headphone amplifier.” That’s how Italian audio house Gold Note announced their DS-10. With it, Gold Note join the growing ranks of companies which embrace the new streaming reality. That’s part of the digital transformation going on in our time and age. Platform thinking is another descriptor for that revolution. Uber and Airbnb are two known platforms which completely changed how we experience transportation and accommodation. In retail, Amazon, Alibaba & Co. play their part. For musical playback, Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz hit the market with a double whammy. First they changed how we look at music as something to own that’s embedded in physical containers like LP or CD. Second, streaming services eliminated ownership and replaced it with rent-to-access subscriptions. There’s no need to hit a store and purchase a physical carrier. The content delivers to wherever you want. It’s simply volatile content until you make a payment, download the music file and store it on your own hard drive.”

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