“Gold Note. Florence. Italy not US. One-stop hifi shoppe. Cables. Racks. Cartridges. Turntables. CD players. D/A converters. Streamers. Integrated amplifiers. Separates. Loudspeakers. They even do petite separates. Meet a DAC, streamer, preamp and head amp all in the one-box DS-10. Greet its companion, a 75wpc/8Ω class A/B stereo amplifier called PA-10. It scales to 600 watts @ 4Ω in bridged mono. Pick from black, silver or champagne finishing. Throw in remote control, an app, adaptable damping factor and 192 different DAC settings. Stir in Italian design. Season with serious in-house build quality. €3’900 squares if not squirrels away the twosome. For the DS-10, this is a companion piece to Marja & Henk’s feature review (https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/goldnote12/). In particular, I’ll add headfi comments which their focus on its many other features didn’t. For doing the tango with the PA-10, it’s our main event. When three isn’t a crowd but sexy, a second amp factors for mono power. For the fat DS-10 skinny, our first review already said it all. So look there.”

Read the full review here: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/goldnote13/