““You’ve got a what?!” said my ex-wife and daughter in unison. My son was even blunter: “Why are you reviewing obsolete technology?”. The object of their ire – Gold Note’s new CD player, the CD-1000 MKII. Did they have a point?

CD sales are struggling whilst streaming is powering ahead. And many with large CD collections have long since ripped them to a computer (haven’t they?) with the donor discs, at best, relegated to aesthetic service? And hasn’t the steady flow of new CD player models coming to market been reduced to a trickle?

OK, but it’s not all one-sided. Open its internal DAC to external streaming sources and the CD players jump from one-trick pony to multi-horse carriage. This is where we find Gold Note’s CD-1000 MKII. At €3,990 / £3,455 / $4788, its CD capability should be up to snuff but its coaxial and optical inputs make it streaming-friendly. Perfect for the Linhay (Devon barn – my home). The timing was good too, an eBay-plus-wine accident (oops) saw a job lot of 450 CDs arriving at the same time as the Gold Note. Ripping would have to wait.”

Read the full review here: https://darko.audio/2019/02/gold-note-cd-1000-mkii-review/