“In 2018 we are seeing an increasing number of single-box solutions coming to market. A strong countercurrent to separates in a rack and across the floor. Engineers are dialling back the compromises of going all-in-one to deliver simpler systems that sound fantastic. Naim didn’t invest heavily in their new Uniti range on a whim.

Starting from scratch is valid, Gold Note chose to adapt existing products, filling gaps with OEM technology.

Darko previewed the resultant IS-1000 here before catching Gold Note marketing man Tommaso Dolfi at Munich High-End 2018 for an in-the-flesh introduction.

Here’s that video:

Viva Italia

Situated 140 miles north of Rome, Gold Note is working hard this year to raise its global profile. I met the amiable Tommaso Dolfi at the Bristol Show, whence this review was born. A few weeks later a heavy package was delivered. I was up and running in 10 minutes…

…only for the review unit to return to Italy, Mr Ham-Fisted here having somehow jammed a relay. Gold Note hadn’t experienced the problem before. Ever the professional, Dolfi declined to attribute blame. On reacquaintance with the repaired unit, the IS-1000 ran without issue.”

Read the full review here: https://darko.audio/2018/07/the-music-centre-re-invented-gold-notes-is-100

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