100% Made in Italy

Every project begins in the R&D lab where the founder of Gold Note, Maurizio Aterini, and the engineers develop innovative solutions to achieve better performance. Here the “heart” and the “soul” of a new machine are prototyped: the first PCB boards are made and tested using the
best components to achieve perfect synergy and score ideal lab measurements.
To provide the perfect “body” we rely on the talent of the designer Stefano Bonifazi, the only one we trust to choose materials and create the shape that will further enhance the performance combining extreme rigidity, optimal cooling and unmatched beauty. Each and every part –
including the smallest of details – is designed with CAD software and the whole chassis undergoes virtual stress tests at the computer and physical stress tests when the prototype is ready to ensure the lowest tolerance of the assembly.

When the tests are successfully cleared we move into the final and most important stage: the listening. Maurizio personally supervises the final stage starting with the burn in and then proceeding to listening sessions in a large variety of environments and conditions. No other
instrument can match the outstanding sensibility of an expert ear and we are certain that this is the secret that lies behind the musicality of our designs.
The most stimulating challenge we face with each project is to improve the sonic performance thanks to a functional design: it is not enough to find a coherent and unique aesthetic that facilitates usability, because in High-End audio every aspect is decisive and contributes to the
sound performance. This constant effort is inherent in every piece of equipment we produce, objects of high craftsmanship and innovative technology with perfect finishes that represent our vision for contemporary High Fidelity.


How the Gold Note products are born

  • IDEA

    We are constantly thinking about new, user friendly and innovative products.


    After a feasibility study the idea is turned into a project.


    The envisioned product takes shape under the hands of our designer.


    Following the technical design all the components are united in the chassis.

  • TEST

    Meticulous testing assures the maximum quality and musicality of the new product.

Materials & Craftsmanship

We love Italian woods, they are one of the best materials due to their fantastic properties and fabulous looks but it takes a true master to handcraft the unusual shapes we need, we are lucky enough to collaborate with one of the best wood makers available today – based in North Italy – whose skill is still unmatched.
His extraordinary ability made possible the creation of special turntables like the Mediterraneo: to make its plinth extreme talent is required. Every single plinth is completely handmade so each piece is unique and still the precision has to be absolute to achieve the result we want.

For our line of electronics we chose aluminium, one of the best metals for audio applications: the CNC machines work non-stop to carve the metal and shape it with utmost precision so that our technicians can assemble the chassis and the components perfectly.

We are proud to be the only Italian audio company capable of providing such complete control from start to finish. We strongly believe this is the only way to manufacture real High End audio components.