A dream come true

The Beginning

When 25 years ago a young student of Engineering with an obsession for music and audio designed his very first turntable out of disappointment for the way LP's sounded on the equipment available at the time, everyone thought that he was just a dreamer and nothing more.

"From a very young age the passion for music and its instruments of reproduction have marked my life so much to condition every choice I made." M. Aterini, founder of Gold Note

Towards the Foundation

Nobody could have predicted what was about to happen in a few years: the student was Maurizio Aterini and that turntable was the first step towards the foundation of the company that would become Gold Note. For a long time he developed designs providing OEM work for a number of well established manufacturers known to the audiophiles worldwide.

Building the Brand

Maurizio had the rare possibility of meeting with some of the most talented engineers elaborating a unique perspective and a thorough understanding of every aspect involved in designing high performance audio. In 2012, with his wife Elena, his partner Alessio and a team of specialized technicians and engineers he founded Gold Note, a natural evolution from the previous work experiences in the High-End industry.

The Heritage

The company is located in Montespertoli, Tuscany, a place rich of history and cultural activity which influenced the approach of Gold Note: from the beginning the brand wanted to speak a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of “Made in Italy” to the whole world.

The team

The team has and continues to experiment new solutions to find the perfect synergy between components and finally crafted a complete chain of audio equipment to fully deliver all the sonic qualities and the signature sound that disinguishes Gold Note on the global market. Today - with more than two decades of knowledge in the audio field - Maurizio is still the driving force of Gold Note, leading the company with the same enthusiasm and spirit: his dream came true.

Our Mission

Every time we design, engineer and finally craft equipment, we think about the concept of the ``Contemporary Audiophile`` meaning that each product must satisfy two main criteria: First, it must deliver all our signature sonic qualities in order to re-create the musical event in its entirety with absolute realism. Second, it must be easy to use every day and a pleasure to live with. These are the principles we are after because we are “contemporary audiophiles” ourselves.

The Essence of Gold Note

Gold Note is mature and young at the same time, with a great vision and great professionals. The challenge to keep up-to-date has been and remains one of the most important for us. Just as it is essential for the brand to always seek the excellence of the places where it originated - Tuscany - and to underline its great beauty that is unique in the world.