“When a product arrives well packaged there is an immediate sense that you are dealing with a company that takes pride in its products, trust me many even supposedly high-end products arrive poorly packed and it’s a major gripe of mine, but I needn’t have worried about this unit – purpose made side cheeks slide into an inner box and there is a second box for extra protection… so we are off to a good start.

Take the IS-100 out of its box, it’s a heavy beast but on the shelf is the epitome of understated Italian class. The chassis is an all-aluminium affair with nicely carved air vents on the top and sides and the Gold Note logo on the top. On the front panel, we have the power indicator, a screen and a single knob that is used for navigating the screen and changing source etc. It’s all very uncomplicated and simple to get your head around even for someone like me who tends to (initially) bypass the manual and jump straight in.”

Read the full review here: https://hifipig.com/gold-note-is-1000-streamer-and-integrated-amplifier/