“I’m always happy to receive a new product for a review from Maurizio and his team from Tuscany. By each year the Gold Note is pushing themselves to deliver a pure Italian DNA based product with an exceptional value. The DS-10 under review follow up the design cues of highly coveted and awarded IS-1000 Super integrated amplifier and PH-10 phono preamplifier that I’ve already reviewed here and here.

As you can read on the Gold Note DS-10 continues the successful legacy. As IS-1000 and PH-10, the DS-10 have a lot to offer. Its features and sound quality provides above the price ratio. Like other Gold Note products, DS-10 comes with a fulfilling sense of music’s enjoyment, that keeps you immersed in the music for a prolonged time and invites you to come back for more. That is the very essence of what high-end audio stands and I wish more products would follow this trend.”

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