Hello everyone, and welcome to the second episode of the “mini-series” on our High-End systems, dedicated to the digital audio chain. Today we are going to be talking about our “chameleon“ DAC DS-10, our compact yet powerful amplifier PA-10, and, last but not least, our A3 EVO II Loudspeaker. Ok then, let’s talk about the digital system and its possible upgrades.

DS-10 Streaming DAC

The DS-10 is the streaming DAC designed for the contemporary audiophile. It features a D/A converter, UPnP-DLNA Streamer, Line Preamplifier and Headphone Amplifier.

The technology of the DS-10 is enclosed in a compact aluminium chassis. It combines its extended connectivity with the exceptional high-resolution Bluetooth 5.0 and the impressive headphone output. The DS-10 is also equipped with an optional analogue input to become a complete preamplifier for analogue and digital sources.


PSU-10 EVO External inductive power supply dedicated to DS-10

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PA-10 Power amplifier

The PA-10 is a high-power amplifier characterised by its compact size and versatility, suitable for any modern High-End audio system. Made with a premium aluminum chassis and accurately selected audio components, the PA-10 is capable of astounding power and is able to drive any kind of loudspeakers.

Thanks to its BTL technology, it’s easy to use in stereo and mono mode.

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A3 EVO II Loudspeakers

This elegant 2-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker sweeps audiophiles off their feet despite its very compact size. The A3 EVO II’s stunning diamond-shaped cabinet is exclusively handcrafted in Italy by the best wood-makers to achieve an ultra-rigid structure and the truly best audio quality. Exceptional components, including a silk dome tweeter, ensure an extended frequency response.

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