“As audio goes, line stages are a dodgy undertaking. In any 2-channel audio system, a preamp is the central connecting ‘hub’ between source components and amplifiers. The sound quality (or lack thereof) of any stereo system is highly dependent on the quality of the preamp. Get the design, engineering, or aesthetics wrong in this component, and there’s nowhere to hide. I’ve heard far too many line stages that sounded as incoherent and unfocused as a drunken one-legged tightrope walker trying to cross two skyscrapers during a windstorm.

Based out of Firenze Italy, Gold Note is renowned for fabricating ultra high-end turntables, tonearms, phono stages, amplifiers, and top shelf audio components. The company recently launched its new flagship P-1000 solid state preamplifier (MSRP $6,250 USD) and I got my hands on a review unit.”

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