“I started my listening session by serving up music from a solid state hard drive loaded with high-res and DSD music files, connected to the DS-1000’s USB port.  I place a lot of value on a system’s ability to produce a well defined soundstage because it’s one of the factors that can make recorded music sound life-like.  I’m happy to report that when listening to well recorded acoustic tracks and classical pieces, the DS-1000 was capable of painting a massively expansive soundstage.  The soundstage stretched well beyond the walls of my room, in width, depth and even height at times.  Vocals and instruments were positioned with remarkable precision within this sonic image.  All of these improvements were not surprising however from a component at this price point, but the DS-1000 turned out to be capable of so much more.”

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Please note: this review has been performed with the DS-1000 MKI model.