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Discovering the Italian sound

“Tuscany, cradle of the Renaissance. We are just 15 kilometres south-west of Florence, in a landscape of rolling hills. Trees, spring sunshine and Italian specialities everywhere you look. The excellent Mediterraneo X turntable in a demonstration system in gold finish. A small group of journalists is taking a tour of the building accompanied by Tommaso Dolfi.”
Here the intro of the article published on the magazine after the visit to Gold Note’s headquarters.

We spent two wonderful days in perfect Italian style with our German distributor Besser Distribution and its dealers and another day with journalists from leading German audio magazines.

Our sales and marketing manager Tommaso Dolfi accompanied our guests on a tour of all departments of the company, explaining the processes, management methods and philosophy behind the brand.
Gold Note tour has started from the first floor of our company, where you find the offices, the R&D and Production departments and our beautiful meeting room with a view on the Chianti hills and a flagship system consisting of the Bellagio Conquest turntable in gold leaf finish matching the XS-85 loudspeakers same in gold leaf, a Mediterraneo turntable and electronics of our serie 1000.
The tour continued on the ground floor where logistics, the warehouse and the purchasing department are located.

“The Italians place special emphasis on clean circuits, solid power supplies and attractive design. Technology is the focus and excellent sound is the consequence.
Gold Note is a well-structured company and everything is taken care of down to the last detail, ensuring optimisation of work and reduction of errors. But how can high-quality devices be produced without prices getting out of hand? The IS-1000 integrated amplifier, for example, is priced at just under EUR 4500, a real challenge for an 18 kg powerhouse with an excellent DAC and no less than 250 watts per channel (4 ohms).

We are confident that if Gold Note continues to work as efficiently as it does today, it will be able to react quickly to future demands.”

We were happy to show the processes and dynamics that lead to the design and creation of Gold Note products and we thank our German friends for visiting and spending these days with us.
Read the article to learn more and discover behind the scenes of the brand, follow in detail how the Italian sound is born and takes shape.

Read the article here