“Digital Streaming is a relatively new sound source for me. Call me old fashioned, curmudgeonly, resistant or even a snob, but I have been seriously engrossed in vinyl and transferring a bunch of it to reel to reel for over a year, so my streaming endeavors have been at a minimum comparatively speaking. I certainly have not had a streamer with the capability, or the quality of this unit. There! How is that for an honest disclosure? Seems I should have been a bit more attuned to this segment because I have had an astonishingly eye opening experience with the Gold Note DS-10.

The DS-10 is so much more than a simple DAC. (He said in his best Rowan Atkinson impression from Love Actually. If you do not get the reference look for Rowan Atkinson, Love Actually, on YouTube. It will all come into focus in the flashiest of flashes)

The DS-10 according to Gold Note, “unites digital and internet connectivity with the purity of Gold Note High-End audio performances to create an elegant and innovative product.” We will delve into that claim and see just what this compact Italian beauty can do. Come along for the ride.”

Read the full review here: https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/gold-note-ds-10-dac-preamp-streamer/