Headphone Amplifier & Preamplifier

The PH-7 is a greatly flexible MM&MC phono preamplifier. The unit features the proprietary Goldenote world class electronic design Phono-Wide that is able to match almost any kind of phono cartridges available on the market, without the need of doing any manual.

The PH-7 can be easily configured MM or MC while both input gain can be conveniently load as per item specification required.

The PH-7 is driven by a sophisticated proprietary hybrid power supply that enables high quality performance but the unit also features an optional external super power supply, the PSU-7, an ultra low noise unit that improves dynamic stability, timing, clarity and details to the audio signal path.

Input Impedance

proprietary design variable
1 pair RCA Line input for MC
1 pair RCA Line input for MM
1 pair RCA port for LOAD MM & MC adjusting
1 Pair RCA Line Output
1 pair XLR balanced Line Output

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)

0,05% @ 20Hz-20KHz

Frequency Response

20Hz – 20KHz @ +/- 3dB

Input Sensitivity

0,15 to 0,5 mV MC variable acceptance
0,6 to 3,0 mV MM variable acceptance


>65dB MC on all RIAA diagram
Z48dB MM on all RIAA diagram

Signal/Noise Ratio

-88dB => P. & -81dB => L.

Power Supply

Hybrid with temperature automatic stabilizer

Power Consumption

50Watt max.

Optional PSU

Port availability setup


200mm L x 80mm H x 260mm D