In case of service repair, spare part or product’s upgrade is needed, you will get our complete support by filling the following Service Request Form.

Make sure to read and accept our

Terms and Conditions

Please do not send back any product to our company or dealers network without written authorisation and approval number assigned.
Insure and accept all liability for loss of or damage to the product during shipment to the Gold Note factory and prepay all shipping charges.
Also review the warranty concerning liability for shipping damage and shipping charges.

In case of returning products, use exclusively original Gold Note packaging to ensure safe transit of the product to dealer, distributor or to Gold Note's factory.
If the product returned is not boxed into an original Gold Note packaging we may refuse to get the products at our discretion or to charge any eventual shipping damage at cost.


Gold Note will charge repairs and spare parts payment in advance, including shipping charges. Estimates will be provided, with a +/-20% margin of variability. Payment requests will be based on those estimates and can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal. Gold Note Customer will be exclusively advised by email.

Customer Declines to Repair

If the Customer claims unit’s return rather than repaired 100 euro will be charged in addition to applicable shipping charges.

Storage Charge

Any single unit will be charged 20€ per day after notification or product ready for shipment.

Spare Parts

All spare parts are charged in advance and can’t be returned to the factory after sales for replacement.

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