“The design of this particular phono amplifier is intriguing. Spanning 200 x 80 x 260mm and weighing in at 4kg, it reminds me of a modern network player in looks. Something from Naim perhaps? Well, Naim with added elegance. It doesn’t look like a phono amplifier, though. The angled cooling vents over the main body of the aluminium chassis, the colour TFT screen on the front and the selector switch. (…)

I am happy to shake the hands of the designers on one thing, though. The negation of DIP switches. Surely works of the devil, they are often used by phono amplifiers at this price point and under (come to thing of it…and over) for numerous and very sensible reasons but I still despise the finicky little switches that often need a night-school course at Bletchley Park to understand. Instead of DIP switches, here you enter the loading and output via that front-mounted selector switch. You’re given nine loading options (10 Ohms to 47K Ohms) and four output figures (-3db to 6db) to choose from.”

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