“Italy has a long tradition of producing high quality audio equipment but Gold Note only came to my attention in recent months. Based in the Florence area, this is a company determined to cover every audio enthusiast’s needs, with a range of turntables, cartridges, CD players, DACs, amplifiers and loudspeakers.  They are now being distributed in the UK by Hampshire based Audio Pinnacle and I hope that they gain a foothold in the highly competitive UK market. In due course I hope to be able to report to you on how other parts of the Gold Note portfolio perform. However, the first pieces to arrive with me are the two small form factor boxes which comprise the PH10 phono stage and  matching PSU10 power supply. First impressions count and this one was extremely positive.  Although not large, these are weighty devices, the casing of the PH10 is made from a solid block of aluminium. The front has 2.8” TFT colour display and a single knob that controls all the settings – and there are a lot of settings! The good news is that if preferred, the screen can be left off once the appropriate setting selections have been made.  The Single Knob Control (as Gold Note calls it) makes changing settings very straightforward – no fiddly dipswitches here! There is no remote control, which for me would have been the icing on the cake but it’s not really necessary.”

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