“Gold Note, with their PH10 is One example of a manufacturer trying to cover all the bases and rectify the industry imposed vinyl limitations. The Gold Note PH10 phono pre-amplifier is a small object of desire. Hewn from solid billet aluminium with a red LED glow from the interior when on standby, this is a product that shrieks Italian style with the banshee wail of a V12 superleggera. By contrast, the Gold Note PH10 then backs this style up with the gearbox options of an old twin stick truck. For much of the review your Old Scribe was under the misapprehension that the Gold Note PH10 would be around 2 grand. Listening notes were made on that basis and the Gold Note PH10 was pitched mercilessly against the standard of the Canor TP306 VR+ and the notes from the current amplification AQvox 2Ci. In the UK, the Gold Note PH10 is priced at £1096.00+VAT (£1315) and they’re determined to hold this price “despite the political turmoil” caused by the UK so-called ‘Brexit’ policy. A network of dealers is being sought in the UK and Eire, so dear reader, you might be able to audition one in a dealer demonstration.”

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