You can find the Serial Number on the rear of your product


Before you carry out the update please ensure that the mini-USB cable you are using is working properly.

Who wants to check the firmware version installed on their IS-1000 can do so by pressing the SKC (Single Knob Control), holding it and at the same time turning on the Master Switch on the rear panel. The FW version will appear on the display. If it’s not the latest firmware or the display does not show the firmware version, the unit should be updated.

If you have problems checking the firmware version, please refer to the tutorial available on our Youtube channel.

After the registration you will receive a direct download of the firmware update package and PDF guide in a single compressed file that needs to be extracted. The file contains both the firmware and the instructions for the upgrade in English, German and Italian both for Mac OS and Windows.


The latest firmware (FW) v.227 includes:

– Complete storage of all parameters

– Correction of minor bugs.

IMPORTANT: this update will reset all previously saved parameters.