Valore 400



Valore 400

Valore 400
Valore 400

Valore is a real High-End compact size turntable offered in a smart bundle with B-5sc tone-arm, the shorter version of Gold Note B-5.1 ball bearing pick-up arm, and the hand-made Dust Cover, a custom designed cover in transparent acrylic

a 30 mm thick MDF plinth supports the structure, helping vibration control and defining its unique style with black white lacquer finish or optionally with real Italian leather (on demand)

the 20 mm acrylic platter derives directly from our top of the line turntables, featuring same design concepts and solutions, like bearing and spindle, to guarantee the best audio performances of its level

AC synchronous motor's high torque allows quite rotation and power to the turntable

its compact size and its high-quality structure can fit in any audio system, making Valore an ideal turntable for everyone


Weight: 8 kg

Dimensions: 400 mm W | 120 mm H | 360 mmD

Wow & Flutter: 0,04%
Rumble: -76dB
Speed: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0,1%
Speed changing: manual
Transmission: 70 shores elasticity rectified black polyvinyl belt

Motor: 24 poles on double rail synchronous AC powered
Platter: acrylic
Platter spindle: special Split-Spindle™ clamping the platter
Platter bearing: graphite bearings
Arm: Gold Note 8” Ball Bearing B-5 III derivation tonearm


Mains supply: 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz, depending on market destination and not convertible
Power consumption: 5W max


Motor: 12V Synchronous Motor High Torque externally powered
External AC filter: Arno Power Distributor


Main plinth

black or white lacquered 30mm plinth

Metal parts



opaline white

replaced by Valore 425 Lite