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MC phono cartridge

Machiavelli’s extra rigid cantilever handles a high precision Line Contact diamond in the Gold model and a Micro Elliptical diamond in the Red model, both developed in collaboration with Ogura the inventor of the Line-Contact diamond shape.
The diamond tip is mechanically inserted and blocked into the new cantilever that is consequently handled by a special pipe to increase the structure rigidity.
The Machiavelli Series feature can be easily matched with any active phono preamp for MM/MC cartridges, without the need of Step-Up transformers.
The cantilever suspension takes advantage of an elastic and non-deformable harmonic steel spring, rigidly blocked to eliminate vibrations thus enhancing the tracking capability.

With thin and long gold-plated pin connectors, Machiavelli is designed to connect perfectly with arm cinches, reducing energy dispersion and improving grounding for an ideal music background necessary to enjoy even the smaller details in your records.

Machiavelli Gold features a high internal impedance of 80Ohm and 1.2mV of output level.

Machiavelli Red features a high internal impedance of 130Ohm and 2.0mV of output level.

Main features

TYPE Gold: MC Low Output Phono Cartridge Red: MC High Output Phono Cartridge OUTPUT LEVEL Gold: 1.2mV Red: 2.0mV FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10-40000Hz CHANNEL SEPARATION > 28dB SUGGESTED TRACKING WEIGHT 1.8g to 2.1g CANTILEVER Gold: Boron Red: Aluminium IMPEDANCE Gold: 80Ω Red: 130Ω
SUGGESTED LOAD Gold: 470Ω Red: 47Ω COMPLIANCE 10×10-6cm/dyne DIAMOND Gold: Line Contact Red: Micro Elliptical DIAMOND SIZE Gold: 5×20μm Red: 7.5×15.5μm COIL WIRE Copper MAGNET Samarium-Cobalt MOUNTING HOLE DIAMOND DISTANCE 9mm




BODY GOLD Duraluminium 7050 alloy black with golden logo
BODY RED Duraluminium 7050 alloy black with red logo