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Compact and powerful: the amplifier with outstanding performance

PA-10 is a high-power, compact and extremely versatile power amplifier, suitable for any modern high-end audio system, with the possibility to be used in both Stereo and Mono mode. The aesthetics of the chassis are derived from the other 10 Series products, integrating the PA-10 into a coherent concept inspired by Gold Note’s Italian style and modular design. The chassis is made of heavy aluminium panels and carefully selected audio components.
PA-10 was born from the idea of designing a power amplifier with compact dimensions but characterised by high power and the ability to handle any type of loudspeaker. The proprietary technology developed for PA-10 makes it comparable to a Class A amplifier, doubling its power and reducing speaker impedance. It features 75W @ 8Ω, 150W @ 4Ω and 300W @ 2Ω in stereo mode and an amazing 300W @ 8Ω and 600W @ 4Ω in mono mode.

The PA-10 stands out for its great versatility: thanks to its adjustable damping factor and BTL (Bridge-Tied-Load) function, it can be perfectly matched to any type of loudspeaker, whether large and difficult to drive (DF High) or high sensitivity or mini-monitors (DF Low). The XLR stereo output allows the PA-10 to be set up in series for high-quality multi-room solutions, facilitated by an automatic On/Standby mode based on the received audio signal.
The PA-10 is equipped with RCA and XLR inputs and optionally offers the possibility to be connected to two different sources simultaneously. It is easy to use thanks to GN Link technology, which allows two or more amplifiers to be used in master-slave mode with other like-minded units (turn on/off all connected units via GN Link).

Main features

WOW & FLUTTER <0,1% RUMBLE -82dB SPEED 33⅓rpm and 45rpm ±0,1% TURNTABLES CONTROLS Touchscreen display SPEED CHANGING Electronic with fine pitch control TRANSMISSION Belt-driven 70 shores rectified belt in EPDM MOTOR Ultra-precise 12V synchronous motor
PLATTER Aluminium and high-density POM (45mm,7Kg) PLATTER SPINDLE Split-Spindle™ PLATTER BEARING Ceramic 4,3mm ball bearing TONEARM B-7 Ceramic  DUST COVER Smoked acrylic with hinges


POWER SUPPLY 18V output 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Dimensions and weight

DIMENSIONS 470mm W, 210mm H, 360mm D | 590mm W, 510mm H, 460mm D – boxed
WEIGHT Kg. 25 – net Kg. 30 – boxed


Black anodised aluminium with a traditional brushed finish


Silver anodised aluminium with a traditional brushed finish

Gold anodised aluminium with a traditional brushed finish