High-End audio made in Italy


Our sound is unique; we call it the Italian Sound (il Suono Italiano) and if you’ve ever listened to one of our systems, you’ll know exactly what we mean. The sound flows from our loudspeakers effortlessly, delivering a fulfilling sense of musical enjoyment that’s dangerously addictive.

Vivid realism, precise imaging, accurate separation of instruments, speed, clarity of detail – these are the qualities we focus on. Our aim is to present a perfect reproduction of the musical event that sounds as natural as possible. Musicality comes from balance, a sound that’s neither wholly analytical nor sentimental. The result of this tasteful combination is what we call the Italian Sound.


Our philosophy is best represented by the concept of systems thinking; a holistic approach that focuses on the sum of the parts rather than the individual constituents. Such philosophy can be applied to designing single products, where the emphasis is on the synergy developed by components used, as well as the entire audio chain, as the final performance is a product of all stages involved.

This is especially true in High-End audio and our unique background allows us to think in terms of the whole system. We experiment with new solutions to find the perfect harmony, crafting a complete audio chain that’s capable of delivering the true Italian Sound.

The Team


We create modern audio solutions for the current zeitgeist, considering the needs of the contemporary audiophile. The world is changing quickly and we are committed to building the High-End audio of the future. Today we face stimulating challenges in engineering, functional design and manufacturing – every aspect is decisive and contributes to sound performance.

Our philosophy is about merging innovation and tradition to overcome these challenges. We start with the cornerstone elements of the tradition and then push the boundaries, introducing new features and elements of information technology formerly unknown in the industry.

We seek the excellence of our heritage and are determined to represent the definition of “Made in Italy”. Despite the trend of globalization, our suppliers are carefully chosen for their extraordinary quality and are often located in Tuscany just a stone’s throw away from our headquarters. That’s why all our products are so distinctive and evocative of the Italian tradition.

Thorough quality control is equally important. We test all our products individually, not in batches or random samples. Each product is entirely assembled from start to finish by one technician to ensure the highest level of quality following the mantra of the lean production system.

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