Stibbert Tube V

24bit/192kHz suspended CD-Player

In 2011, the fifth edition of the most famous Goldenote CD-player did not change the high impact looks. What is striking however is the fact that it is the only CD-player on the market made with a curved chassis completely isolated through 4 conical springs, a design which increases the structural rigidity of the unit thus virtually eliminating any vibration feedback.

The transport mechanism is of the drawer type and is designed to achieve the best disc rotation stability through the newest proprietary Dual- Speed device™, which enables the transport to reduce speed fluctuation.

The Stibbert Tube V features the proprietary Zero-Clock™ to achieve the highest performance by cutting off jitter and clock error.

Besides, the unit is driven through a massive super linear power supply, namely the Goldenote Electro-Power™ system which features an innovative current generator which cleans up the signal going to the analog stage for superior sonic quality. Furthermore, the Stibbert Tube features a sophisticated Class A truly balanced tube analog output stage consisting of two 6922 tubes.

Frequency Response

20Hz – 20KHz @ +/- 0,3dB

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)

0,05% max.

Signal/Noise Ratio


Dynamic Response


Output Impedance


Analog Output

Stereo RCA and XLR balanced

Digital Output

75Ohm RCA connector

Speed Fluctuation

0,0001% max.

Control Digital System


Power Supply



480mm L x 250mm H x 450mm D


13 Kg (28lbs.)