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Galileo XL

The Galileo XL is the rack designed to accomodate larger audio components that require more surface and space. Just like Galileo, it combines some of the best engineering solutions derived from our turntables to offer a rack with high damping effect and stiffness, resulting in a design that reminds of the architectural elements of the Italian Renaissance. The vibration damping design of the shelf guarantees superb stability thanks to a triple layer structure with an aluminum 3mm layer reinforced with 24 stainless steel bolts, for a total thickness of 42mm and a weight of 22 kilos for each shelf.

The Galileo shelf dimension is 1160 x 642mm holding up to 100 kilos, it can accomodate even the most massive and heavy High-End products. The Galileo is offered with solid finely machined aluminium legs and feet, with bronze inserts that provide an even greater damping effect due to their elliptical shape that enables a more even distribution of longitudinal forces along the foot.

Technology and Design

The high-quality materials and design guarantee robustness and stability.
Galileo XL is a pleasure for your ears and eyes – the best way to fully enjoy your system.

Highly customisable

A fully modular audio rack, Galileo XL can be assembled to perfectly fit your High-End system, scaling up from a single shelf rack to multiple shelves.

Thanks to the easy to assemble components, you can create the perfect rack for your system and room.


COVER Anodised aluminium with engraved logo (5 per shelf) SHELF Triple layer design 42mm thick DIMENSIONS (SHELF) 1160mm W x 42mm H x 642mm D FINISHES (SHELF) Black matt BRONZE INSERTS Elliptical shaped (5 per shelf) FOOT Anodised aluminium 150x50mm (5 per shelf)
LEGS Anodised aluminium (5 per shelf) LEG HEIGHT 300 x 50mm 200 x 50mm ADJUSTABLE SPIKES Anodised aluminium (1 per foot) SPIKE PADS Anodised aluminium (1 per foot)