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The turntable that never was

The past and the future of Gold Note come together in Mediterraneo X. Taking its inspiration from the iconic Mediterraneo, this innovative turntable blends tradition with technology to cater for analogue enthusiasts after a next-gen record player with cutting-edge and authentically high-end features. All of the functions of the turntable can be controlled from the touchscreen display, which makes it possible to finely adjust the speed and torque of the motor to ensure it is perfectly synchronised with the type of LP and music being played. The timer function is a new feature which records the amount of time the needle is used for so the wear and tear of the stylus can be monitored. Made from machined solid aluminium, the platter has a composite design thanks to the addition of POM to minimise vibrations, and weighs a total of 7 kg, guaranteeing excellent stability and maximum precision of the rotation speed.

The plinth consists of three components: a large aluminium table (also machined from solid), a 3 mm stainless steel platter and finally the lower plinth made from solid Italian wood which reproduces the catenary curve, the famous shape borrowed by Gold Note from the works of Michelangelo and Galileo and applied to its turntables to obtain maximum possible structural rigidity with constant mass and dimensions, enabling the record player to deliver outstanding levels of performance in terms of detail, dynamism and reproduction.

The three stylish feet are made of anodised aluminium and height adjustable and the back is fitted with top-quality RCA connectors. Mediterraneo X is supplied with its own phono cable.

The Mediterraneo X turntable is belt-driven and powered by a proprietary control system developed on a Quadral-Core microcontroller enhanced by an audio converter. This ensures the perfect functioning of the 12V synchronous motor, with no vibrations or variations in speed. The power supply unit controls the motor electronically and makes it possible to finely adjust the 33⅓rpm and 45rpm speeds, storing all settings in the memory.


WOW & FLUTTER <0,1% RUMBLE -82dB SPEED 33⅓rpm and 45rpm ±0,1% TURNTABLES CONTROLS Touchscreen display SPEED CHANGING Electronic with fine pitch control TRANSMISSION Belt-driven 70 shores rectified belt in EPDM MOTOR Ultra-precise 12V synchronous motor
PLATTER Aluminium and high-density POM (45mm,7Kg) PLATTER SPINDLE Split-Spindle™ PLATTER BEARING Ceramic 4,3mm ball bearing TONEARM B-7 Ceramic X DUST COVER Smoked acrylic with hinges


POWER SUPPLY 18V DC 100-240V / 50-60Hz


DIMENSIONS 470mm W | 210mm H | 360mm D 590mm W | 510mm H | 460mm D – boxed
WEIGHT Kg. 25 – net Kg. 30 – boxed


With matt black varnished aluminium upper plinth, black anodized aluminium platter and metal parts.

With matt black varnished aluminium upper plinth, black anodized aluminium platter and metal parts.