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CD-1000 TRIO

The CD-1000 TRIO set up combines three Gold Note components in a multi-chassis player to offer the full potential of the CD-1000 MKII Deluxe player. Two different configurations are available: the Premium version and the Lite version.

The Premium edition of the CD-1000 Trio set-up assembles the CD-1000 MKII Deluxe with PSU-1250 power supply and TUBE-1012 power output stage, while the Lite version consists of the CD-1000 Deluxe combined with PSU-1000 power supply and TUBE-1006 power output stage.


CD-1000 MkII

The CD-1000 MkII, housed in a beautiful brushed aluminium chassis, integrates a digital and an analogue stage into a single, elegant device. It is designed to listen to music from a CD as well as to play audio files from a TV or DVD player connected via optical or coaxial input. The CD-1000 MkII delivers a natural, detailed and powerful sound, and can be easily integrated into any Hi-End stereo system.

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valves output stages

TUBE-1012 and TUBE-1006

TUBE-1012 and TUBE-1006 further improve the performance of Gold Note electronics, reaching a completely new level thanks to the 12-valve (TUBE1012) or 6-valve (TUBE1006) class A output stages. Gold Note sources and amplifications guarantee great control and definition while providing exceptional realism in recreating the musical event.

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external power supplies

PSU-1250 and PSU-1000

PSU-1250 and PSU-1000 are the super inductive external power supplies dedicated to the 1000 Gold Note series, such as CD1000 MkII, P-1000 MkII and PH1000. Both PSU-1250 and PSU-1000 are the result of a sophisticated design with an inductive filter on the analog stage and power supply via a double inductor for the positive and negative stage.

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Combine CD-1000 DELUXE DSD, the TUBE-1012 valves output stage and the PSU-1250 external powerr supply.


Combine the CD-1000 DELUXE, the TUBE-1006 valves output stage and the PSU-1000 external powerr supply.